Vietnamese banh khot

Vietnamese banh khot

If you love crispy savory pancakes, you’re going to love Vietnamese banh khot! 

Among the list of endless delicious Vietnamese snacks and light meals, is a little gem called banh khot (bánh khọt).

They could be translated in a number of different ways, from crispy savory pancakes, to coconut rice cakes, to kettle cakes… but maybe a little less confusing description is just delicious bite sized treats.

It’s a famous Vietnamese dish of miniature pancakes served with herbs and vegetables and spicy sweet fish sauce for dipping.

The batter is made of a combination of mostly rice flour, and even leftover grains of rice, with a hint of turmeric to give them a beautiful yellow tinge, and mixed together with coconut milk to make it extra creamy and rich.

Finally, the topping is usually shrimp and diced up green onions, and in this case, extra coconut milk.

The little mini pancakes are cooked in the same type of griddle as Thai khanom krok, but instead of being a sweet dessert like the Thai version, they are savory and eaten with one of the great joys of Vietnamese cuisine – fresh herbs and leafy green vegetables.


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